National Tractor Parts Dealer Association
Used, Rebuilt and New Agricultural and Industrial Repair Parts


The National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) began its journey in March 1985 at a meeting in Dallas, Texas.  49 people representing 31 dealerships attended the meeting.  Most of these dealers were already using the E-Net parts location system introduced to our industry by Roland Shaul of Allied Information Networks.  It was decided that an association of E-Net dealers should be formed to assist dealers, set guidelines of network procedures and monitor trouble areas on the network.  Several meetings were held during 1985 and early 1986 to lay the foundation for an association.  Andrew Goodman from Nebraska served as the Chairman of these meetings.  Jerry Schaefer from Illinois served as Vice Chairman and Gary Wagoner from Texas served as the first Secretary.

On August 8, 1986 the NTPDA was voted into existence during a convention held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Association was incorporated in the State of Texas and the first Board of Directors was elected the following day.

President . . . . . . . . Jr. Roberts
Vice President . . . . Tom Silver
Secretary . . . . . . . .Doug Minzenmayer
Parlimentarian . . . . Andrew Goodman

Directors:  Dave Roling, Jerry Schaefer, Fred Bugg, Brian Forbes, Bill Mueser, Robert Owens, Jerry Bailey, David Eftink, Fred Fleeman, Gordy Smith, D.J. Rottier.

After 39 years, the Association continues to grow and provide a positive influence on the tractor parts industry.  The journey continues. 

By: Larry Wenger