National Tractor Parts Dealer Association
Used, Rebuilt and New Agricultural and Industrial Repair Parts

Member Testimonials

Here is what some of our members say about being a member of NTPDA:

Charlie Smith, Combine World, Inc.
Allan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Member Since 1991
The NTPDA has allowed me to see who else is involved in the industry, how they're running their businesses, where to source parts, and best practices in the industry.  I'm a member because there's always something I can pick up here. 


Glen Leaders, Leaders Salvage
Dunlap, IA
Member Since 1990

Through my association with the NTPDA, I've found one of the best results of gathering new business and learning through the networking that we're able to do with our peers here, creating new friendships, and renewing old friendships.  All that means a lot to us and helps our business to associate with all the other members.  That's been the greatest benefit I've derived from this.

Jeff Fawcett, Fawcett Tractor Supply, Ltd.
St. Marys, Ontario, Canada
Member Since 1990

I think it is the opportunity to network with the other members, find out how they do their business, realize that we're not alone in some of the struggles that we all face individually.  As an association we can tackle some of these problems together and hopefully build our businesses and build friendships not only amongst the Regular Members but also the Associate Members, the suppliers of tractor parts.


Terry Kieffer, Plastics Unlimited, Inc./Fabri-Glass Composites
Preston, IA
Member Since 2002

We feel we have a lot of good friends here.  We do enjoy the social end of things but obviously it's for the sales.